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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it a good investment to buy property in Turkey?

There are many advantages of buying property in Turkey. Check Main 10 advantages of buying property in Turkey comparing to other countries.

How is the property Market in Turkey?

Turkish Property Market has always been favorite for buyers and holiday makers. Despite strong or new competitive markets, The popularity of buying properties among foreigners continues to grow up because of special characteristics of Turkish property market and unique location of Turkey. Find out more about property market in Turkey

Where to buy property in Turkey?

People looking to buy a property in Turkey tend to search their sunny home in three main Areas, Istanbul, the Aegean coast and the Mediterranean coast.

However southwest of Turkey on Mediterranean coast, also called Turkish Riviera, has the most favorite property locations with second home buyers.

Since its strong Tourism structure, foreigners find the area more secure investment and to have holiday better. Check Turkish Riviera property locations and what each city has to offer for property buyers.

Will it be a good decision if I buy property for holiday purpose?

Buying holiday homes is so much popular among foreigners, Many second home buyers have already made their decisions on having holiday in Turkey at their own holiday homes. You can find out more why buying holiday homes in Turkey could be a good decision for you.

Can I get a house only by the sea ?

When mentioning about buying property in the sun, first come to mind homes near beach. However, Etalonhomes can offer very qualified rural propeties as well where are also not far from city and the beaches, so you can enjoy the silence of countryside.

Is Turkey a good choice to buy a retirement property ?

Definetely, Yes. You can buy a property for retirement purpose like many foreigners Etalonhomes can help you buy retirement properties in Antalya region.

Buying off-Plan or newly built property in Turkey?

The main advantage of buying an apartment or villa in newly built project is that the property is ready to move in and you don't have to wait for developer to complete the project. What that mean is you will be able to have more holidays at your home and you will not loose any potential rental income as well. However, off-plan properties in Turkey also offer many advantages. Learn more here buying off plan properties in Turkey

How is the buying process in Turkey ?

Buying a property in Turkey can be quite a simple process compared to many European countries , as long as you are advised properly and completely. Etalonhomes offers valuable assistance to undertake all buying process as easy as possible for you. Learn more about buying property process in Turkey.

Do you organize property inspection trips?

Etalonhomes specially and individually organizes property inspection trips for its customers. You will find out more information on our property inspection trip page

Will the property be free hold?

Yes, properties in Turkey are sold freehold and you get guaranteed title deeds. It is very uncomplicated and easy for foreign nationals to buy property in Turkey. Both Turkish citizens and foreign owners have equal property-ownership rights. It is a well-known fact, that the title deed system in Turkey is considered very trustfully by Turkish people.

Can foreigners buy property in Turkey ?

According to the Title Deeds Law, foreign nationals (real persons) are able to acquire real estate in Turkey on the conditions of being reciprocal and complying with legal restrictions. Reciprocal agreement basically states that, if Turkish citizens can buy property in another country, the citizens of that country can buy property in Turkey. Please , Contact us to find out whether your country is listed in the reciprocity list or not.

What if your country is not on the list ?

If your country is not in the reciprocity list; since the companies can freely buy property in Turkey, Etalonhomes can create solutions for you by establishing a Turkish company in a couple of days. This service is provided to many customers by Etalonhomes.

What are the restrictions for foreigners buying real estate in Turkey?

Foreign nationals cannot buy a real estate in the military zones or in some rural areas (villages) in Turkey.

Will the property in Turkey give me citizenship ?

Purchasing a Turkish property does not give you any citizenship rights or immediate citizenship. But it makes the process of getting permission for residency easier if you wish to stay in the country for longer periods of time than visa ( 1-2-3 months depending on your nationality) duration.

What is Tapu? and how is Title Deed registration in Turkey?

The property registration procedure in Turkey is different than in many other countries. The official property transfer does not take place in the Notary office like in Europe or other countries. Instead, buyer and seller together need to go to the Land Register Office ( Tapu Dairesi ) where the property registration transaction is completed. The buyer as well as the seller have to be present in person at the Tapu office, to sign the sale papers. After signing the contract, The Land Registry Office issues the Tapu for the new buyer of the property. Tapu is the Turkish name of Title Deed. This is a legal documentation and the only proof of the property ownership in Turkey. All Tapu Transactions are only made by the Land Registry Office ( Tapu Mudurlugu ) of the relevant area where the property is .After receiving the TAPU, the buyer becomes the owner of the property. On the Tapu, the price of the property, the name of the owner and some other cadastral figures are all mentioned. Click here to learn about Tapu Terms

How does Tapu look like?

How does Tapu look like?

How long does it take to register the property on my name?

The process of obtaining the Title Deeds varies from resort to resort. In some areas it is as little as 3 months, in others, the process can take up to 4 - 6 months. A military check is carried out on the property making sure it is not in the military zone before the title deeds are authorized.

As I can not speak Turkish, How can I be sure of buying process?

On every sheet of the reservation form and preliminary agreement between us will be divided into two parts as Turkish and your language.

During all buying process the language we communicate with could be yours or English if necessary.

According to the Turkish law, a sworn interpreter must accompany during the final and the most important stage of signing actual contract at Land Registry Office ( Tapu Dairesi) to transfer the title Deed ( Tapu) in your name. Having a translator between buyer, seller and land registry officer throughout the legal process gives extra protection to all parties in the buying process and formally ensures that all parties understand the contract and the terms of sale.

Can Title Deed have more than one name?

Yes, it can have as many names as you wish. It means that more than one actual person can be the owner of the same property.

Can I buy more than one house?

Yes, you can buy as many.

Will I need a residence permit to transfer title deed ?

According to the law of reciprocity agreement between our countries , some nationals do have to get a residency permit in order to transfer the title deed ownership. Getting the residency permit should be done during the application for the Title Deed. Once you have it, you will have the opportunity to extend your permission for one year when it expires. You can repeat it every year, so that you can stay in Turkey more than you could with a visa ( 1-2-3 months).

Can I get residence permission ?

Even if you do not have to get a residency permit according to the agreement you can still apply for it to be able to stay longer than your regular visa period. Once you decide to purchase a property in Turkey, we'll help you to get the residency permit

Am I required to open a bank account in Turkey?

If your nationality requires residence permission for the title deed transfer, according to the Turkish Property Law, yes, you are. The Police Department requires a bank account to give residence permission. We, together, can open accounts at Turkish banks in your name. All we need to do is just to have a tax number from a local tax office and then submit it with the copy of your passport to the bank.

However, whatever your nationality is , it is strongly recommended to open a bank account in order to transfer money for property payments, have banking services for example paying utilities and get atm or credit cards for you use while you are in Turkey in the future.

How can I transfer Money ?

You can transfer your money to your Turkish bank account through your local bank.

How can I finance the property?

We can help you get a mortgage from a Turkish bank or you may use financing options from your country. Click to find out more about Mortgage in Turkey

Can I let my property in Turkey ?

Model Holiday Homes rentals services can help you let your property so that your property can win you money. Please go to Letting services for more details.

Can I insure my property ?

Etalonhomes provides all second home buyers with insurance services for property, car, health/travel . You will find more information on the Insurance service

Can we bring our furniture ?

There are lots of international removal companies but this will be a long, expensive and a stressful process and also you will have to pay tax on the entry. We recommend you buy your furniture in Turkey, since home furnishing is quiet cheaper than in most countries. Etalonhomes provides excellent home furnishing services to all second home buyers in Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek or Side.

Who will look after my property while I am away ?

Etalonhomes offers property management services in Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side.

How do I pay the bills for my Turkish property?

We recommend that your utility bills are paid via automatic bank transfer from the Turkish bank account that we will open together, or, if you need your bills to be paid by us, Model Property Management can arrange to receive your bills and pay on your behalf.

How will I be sure of the value of the property that I want to buy?

Maximum Property Valuation is one of the Etalonhomes group companies and provides property appraisals for second home buyers and investors in the Antalya region.

How do I get electricity and water to my house?

After you have received the Title deed of the property, as a part of the buying process, your property consultant will help you with all these procedures at the local authorities.

What costs do I expect to be charged for fees on my purchase?

There will be charges for a number of items when you are buying a property in Turkey. These include: costs for maps, deed application, earthquake insurance ( obligated when buying), residency permissions, Lawyers / Solicitors, notary fees ( if necessary) , 3 % purchase tax, stamp duty, registry fees and utility connections.

What will I pay for common expenses in the development?

This can vary from development to development. If the development is completed and the management is established , you can ask our property consultants about the fees of that project. If the property is not finished yet, they can tell you the approximate cost as the actual fee will be decided when the management is formed.

Is there an annual tax on the property?

There is an annual real estate tax payable to the local municipality. This tax is nominal and based on the national value of your property. Tax rates differ between municipalities but range typically from 0.1% to 0.2% of the property value.

What are the other expenses?

Environmental services tax is charged through water bills. In Turkey earthquake insurance is compulsory for all properties and it is only little amount.

Are there any capital gain taxes to pay in Turkey ?

At present, if you sell your Turkish Property within the first 5 years and make a gain, you will be subject to personal income tax. Your gain will be taxed on sliding scale and based on the difference between the selling price and purchase price + inflation. After 5 years it is capital gain free.

How easy is it to re-sell a property in Turkey?

With the increasing demand for properties in coastal Turkey, re-selling can be easy, and if you leave it in the hands of Etalonhomess professional team, we will make it even easier for you.

If I sell my property, can I freely take my funds out of Turkey?

Yes, Turkey has a very flexible investment policy, including free (international) movement of capital, profits, dividends and salaries. The banks

Do I need a will for my property in Turkey?

It is not necessary to make a will in Turkey, under Turkish Law any property is passed to the next of kin. The will in your country is legally valid in Turkey, however it is advised to make a will in Turkey for your personal requirements.. It is not necessary but will help avoid any possible delays. The Etalonhomes Law department can help you with the amendments on the title deeds which would involve legal assistance, in case you will need any help.

What about gift tax?

Inheritance laws are complex in Turkey in comparison with other countries. If you want to donate your properties in Turkey, our law and finance department will consult you in order to achieve minimal gift taxation .

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