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Turkey's Mustafa Sayar wins 49th Presidential Cycling Tour

Turkey's Mustafa Sayar wins 49th Presidential Cycling Tour Turkish cyclist Mustafa Sayar of the cycling team Konya Torku Şeker Spor placed first in the ge More


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Hakan Bayraktar
  • As the prices in European countries gets higher, Turkey become very advantegous for foreigners to buy property. Because Turkey offers property at competitive prices and is ideal for those who can no longer afford traditional holiday areas such as Spain or Portugal.

  • It is expected that Turkey will a member of European Union in 5-10 years and then prices of real properties are likely to reach European levels. The property you buy will be a very good investment for your future.

  • Turkey boasts one of the world' s fastest - growing economies and Turkey is a country with a young society - half of its citizens is under the age of 25. The World Trade Organization considers Turkey to be one of the most dynamic economies today.

  • The cost of living is so low in Turkey, so many European visitors has a high purchasing power.

  • Now, Travelling to Turkey is easier and cheaper than before. For European citizens visas issued upon entry are valid for three months. Turkey attracts around 27 million visitors every year and has become the third most popular tourist destination in Europe.

  • Turkey enjoys a great climate and it has longer holiday season according to other European countries. A°t means that you will have strong rental potential and/or increased owner usage.

  • The Turkish ,whose second language is often English, German or Russian, are well known for their busy, helpful culture and hospitality which contributes to making this an ideal location for investment, holidaying or retirement.

  • Wonderful restaurants serve delicious Turkish cusine in always warm & friendly atmosphere.

  • There is quality medical service in the modern private hospitals which exceed even the highest international standars. A great number of doctors and dentists can speak English.

  • There are many well preserved historical sites, attractive turist places, authentic shopping centers. Turkey's beautiful and attractive sun, sea, beaches, mountains, and lakes offer visitors an absolute change from the routine and stressful everyday life.


Tapu - Title deed of a property

A) Description of the location and cadastral coordinates of the plot.

1. Photos of all owners are located in the upper right corner of the document tapu, they must be sealed with the seal by an official cadastral office chamber.
2. Province / administrative center
3. District
4. Region
5. Village
6. Street
7. Area
8. The sheet number of the cadastral plan / drawing
9. Cadastral number of the array / quarter
10 Number of the land
11.Purpose of the use (agricultural, for the settlement, forest, defense, etc.)
12.Plot sizes expressed as integers in hectares
13.Plot sizes expressed as integers in meters
14.Plot sizes expressed as integers in dm


B) Indicates the type of ownership.

1. The right to own private property unit, ready for use (apartment, house, office, etc.), built on the land and approved at the municipal.

2.One unit of ownership of a single property is not ready for operation (due to the completion of construction works, or in connection with the fact that the operating permit from the municipality has not yet been received).

3.Fractional or temporary possession of the property (only for a certain period).

C) An independent unit of the object

1. The declared value of the property.

2.Type of propety (buildings, cottages, houses).

3.Share of the property on the land which it is located. (which part of the area of ??land owned by the independent one).

4.Block number

5. Floor number.

6.Independent unit number.

7. Explanation of reasons for the acquisition of property by the new owner (from whom and to whom property is transferred, the sale or inheritance, and so forth).

8. Specifies a new name (names) of the owner(s). If property owned by more than one person must be specified fractional ownership.

D) This section of the document on the tapu is intended only for internal use.Title deed office stamp should be centered in the lower part.


Iskan - this is a technical data sheet for properties, ie a document that contains all the technical information of your property and the buildings in which it is located (number of floors, number of independent units: apartment, shop, sauna, steam bath, etc.) Only if you can get the look for the subscriber number for water, electricity, telephone etc. This document is obtained once the acquisition of new buildings (buying a secxond hand real estate you will avoid the cost of Iskan).


STEP 1: Select the object and the signing of the sales contract.

The contract is in two languages ??- English and Turkish. Between the developer / owner and buyer.
The contract shall include:
1. Details of the buyer and the developer / owner.
2. The acquisition price.
3. Payment Schedule.
4. Additional conditions.

STEP 2: Getting permission to purchase real estate

Waiting for a response from the authorities can take 1-2 months. The answer to this query allows the purchase of land or property, which is located on it, and confirms that they do not belong to the military authorities and the state and used by them.

STEP 3: Transfer Certificate of Title (Title Deed) to the customer

  After a positive response from the authorities, registered the transfer of ownership at the local Land Registry Office, which issues a certificate of ownership (Tapu).

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